Customizable CRM

Harness the power of precision player management, strategic marketing, and transformative insights with our fully customizable Customer Relationship Management software.

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CRM for iGaming Platforms

NetworX Customer Relationship Management is a fully customizable software system tailored for iGaming platforms. It centralizes player data, streamlines in-game communications, and refines marketing campaigns based on player behaviour and preferences. 

Player management

Segment your audience and offer tailored experiences that resonate on a personal level.

Tailored marketing campaigns

 Increase engagement and conversion rates by delivering personalized messages to specific player segments.

Detailed reporting and analysis

Gain invaluable insights by analyzing critical facets of your clients' interactions – from demographics to payment patterns.

Risk management

Identify potential threats, mitigate risks, and uphold a safe and secure environment for players and operations.


Why Choose NetworX?

Navigate the complexities of modern iGaming with NetworX at your side. We empower you to manage players with our innovative CRM seamlessly, enabling tailored marketing strategies based on segmented audiences. Dive deep into detailed reporting and analytics, understanding player behaviours and campaign effectiveness. 

Redefine Your iGaming Business

Dive into a new era of player engagement, marketing excellence, and operational insight.

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